A Complete Titanic Timeline

The real history of Titanic is a short one, with a true history lasting no longer than 5 years from her conception right through to the sinking of Titanic in 1912, her story however has lived on for the last 100 years with a great fascination in the story of this magnificent ship.

Below we have put together a basic timeline of the Titanic's history running from the time her design was approved by the White Star Line company, right through until the day the British Board Of Trade enquiry began following her sinking.

Titanic Timeline - 1908 To 1912
 Day  Event
 29th July  The completed design for the Titanic was approved by White Star Line 1908
 31st March  Titanic's first keel plates were laid 1909
 31st May - 12 noon  The hull of Titanic was launched into the water using 22 tonnes of soap and grease  1911
 January  Sixteen of Titanic's wooden lifeboats were fitted to the ship 1912
 31st March  The fitting out of Titanic was finally completed 1912
 2nd April - 6 a.m.  Titanic's sea trials began 1912
 3rd April Titanic arrives in Southampton, the port from which she's due to leave on her maiden voyage 1912
 10th April - 12 noon  Titanic sets sail on her maiden voyage for New York 1912
 10th April - 6:30 p.m. Titanic reaches her first stop in Cherbourg 1912
 11th April - 11:30 a.m.  Titanic reaches her second and final stop in Queenstown, Ireland 1912
 12th - 13th April   Titanic sails through calm and steady waters 1912
 14th April   No less than 7 iceberg warnings are received by Titanic's wireless operators during the day 1912
 14th April - 11:38 p.m.  Frederick Fleet, the lookout on duty, spots a iceberg in Titanic's path 1912
 14th April - 11:40 p.m. Titanic hits the iceberg along the starboard side, causing fatal damage  1912
 14th April - 11:50 p.m. Titanic's hull has been breached and water is now 14 feet high in the ships bow  1912
 15th April - 12:25 a.m. Titanic's distress call is heard by the Carpathia which is 58 miles into the distance  1912
 15th April - 12:45 a.m. Titanic's first lifeboat is launched into the water  1912
 15th April - 02:05 a.m. Titanic's final lifeboat is launched into the water  1912
 15th April - 02:17 a.m. The last radio message is sent from Titanic's wireless radio  1912
 15th April - 02:20 a.m. Titanic sinks below the North Atlantic and plummets 2 and a half miles down  1912
 15th April - 04:10 a.m.  The Carpathia reaches the first of Titanic's many lifeboats in the water 1912
 15th April - 08:50 a.m. The Carpathia leaves the area with 705 of Titanic's passengers on board  1912
 18th April  The Carpathia arrives in New York 1912
 19th April - 25th May The American enquiry into Titanic's sinking runs it's coarse  1912
 22nd April - 15t May A total of 328 bodies are recovered from the water by various passing ships  1912
 2nd May - 3rd July The British Board Of Trade enquiry takes place  1912
1st September The wreck of Titanic is discovered by Jean-Louis Michel and Dr. Robert Ballard almost 2.5 miles below the North Atlantic 1985


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