Seven Titanic Launch Facts You Might Like To Know

There are many well known and not so well known Titanic facts which you might like to know, our previous post highlighted ten Titanic constructions facts. In this articles we're going to look at ten Titanic facts to do with the launch of Titanic back in 1912.

Fact 1: When Did Titanic Launch?

The R.M.S Titanic was launched off slipway 3 in Belfast on May 31st 1911 at 12:15 p.m., she was then take for fitting at Thompson graving dock which took close to a further 8 months to complete.

Fact 2: Titanic's Launch Date Delayed

It's a little known fact that the launch of the Titanic was actually delayed from the original launch date which had been set by the White Star Line. The original maiden voyage was meant to be on 20th March 1912, however this was delayed due to Olympic's collision with the H.M.S Hawke and subsequent nee for replacement parts.

Fact 3: The Launch Ceremony

It's common practice nowadays, and back in 1912 to a certain extent, to christen the launch of a new ship with a ceremony to name her as well as a bottle of champagne smashed against the bow of the ship. However, this was not something the White Star Line did for their own ships. Some say that this left a "curse" against Titanic.

Fact 4: A Soapy Launch

The Titanic weighed in at a reported 660 tonnes and to launch her from the top of of the slipway at Thompson dry dock look around 23 tonnes of soap and grease. This quantity of lubricant enabled the Titanic to move from the slipway into the water on the River Lagan in just 62 seconds.

Fact 5: Crowds Of People

On the day that Titanic was launched over 100,000 people attended to watch her slip gracefully from the slipway down into the water.

Fact 6: A Man Died

James Dobbins, a ship worker from Belfast, was in the process of knocking out the shoring beneath the hull of Titanic during her launch, unfortunately he was hit and wounded by one of the falling timbers. Sadly, James Dobbins died the next day from the injuries he sustained.

Fact 7: Titanic Tugged For Fitting

Once Titanic hit the water she was then taken by 5 tugs through to the fitting out dock where she spent then next year being fitted with her engines, funnels, interior etc.

Do you have any additional Titanic launch facts that we may have missed? If so then please let us know below.

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