Titanic II, A Historically Accurate Replica From Clive Palmer

As you know we have just finished commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, an event which occurred after the ocean liner hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic, taking over 1500 souls with her.

Well a recent press release announced that an Australian mining magnate billionaire by the name of Clive Palmer has commissioned the build of an exact replica of the doomed ocean liner, the R.M.S Titanic. The company who will build the ship are a Chinese based business, a far cry from the Belfast based Harland & Wolff company which originally built Titanic and her famous sisters over 100 years ago.

The liner will be built in the CSC Jinlin shipyard and will feature many of features originally see on Titanic plus the dimensions will be the same. Mr Palmer was quoted as saying that:

“The ship will be constructed, other than for the technology and the bow line, from the same plans as the original ship as far as layouts go and finish”.

Titanic II will have 840 rooms and 9 decks, relatively small in comparison to the cruise liners of today but it will feature the luxury once seen on the original Titanic. The ship will be powered by diesel and not coal and will include a larger rudder for improved manoeuvrability as well as a bulbous bow for greater fuel efficiency.

Mr Palmer has investments in many areas including golf and travel, he plans to expand into the luxury cruise market with 4 new luxury liners, one of which will be the exact replica of Titanic.

If built, the new vessel is expected to leave London for New York some time in late 2016.

Many may feel that building a replica of Titanic and calling it Titanic II is disrespectful to the memory of Titanic and essentially wrong, what do you think? This wouldn't be the first time a second ship with the same name as a predecessor has been built. There are many examples where this has happened in the past including some of the White Star Line's "big 4" including Celtic and Baltic and furthermore one of the most famous of all the Olympic class liner  H.M.H.S Britannic, Titanic's doomed sister ship. In fact H.M.H.S Britannic was in actual fact Britannic II, the second in a line of 3 ships carrying the name Britannic.

So, what are your thoughts on this announcement? Will it go ahead? Should it go ahead? Personally, I think it's some kind of marketing ploy for him and I don't see it ever going ahead.

Comments below please.

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