Titanic’s Sister Ships

The RMS Titanic was not on her own, there were 2 sister ships of Titanic. This Atlantic liner was conceived as an idea for 1 of 3 super liners which would be built for both luxury and speed, they would be known as the Olympic Class Liners. The Olympic Class Liners were conceived by White Star Line managing director, J. Bruce Ismay and built by the Belfast based  Harland & Wolff ship builders. The 3 ships were to be the next "big thing" to come out of the company since the big 4 (RMS Oceanic, RMS Atlantic, RMS Baltic and RMS Adriatic), they were marketed to compete with the Mauritania and Lusitania launched by a rival company, Cunard Line.

The 3 ships would be built over a short period of just a few years and would start with the RMS Olympic, then the RMS Titanic, finally followed by the HMHS Britannic (formerly due to be known as the RMS Britannic).

Titanic's Sister Ships

The RMS Olympic

The RMS Olympic was the first of the 3 Olympic Class Liners to be created by the Harland & Wolff shipping company, built for the White Star Line. She was built in 1908 and served a long career thr... Read More ...

The HMHS Britannic

The HMHS Britannic was the final liner in the set of 3 Olympic Class Liners built by Harland & Wolff, she was the sister ship to the RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic. Construction on the Britannic bega... Read More ...