Titanic Survivors

Titanic had over 2,200 people on board (passengers and crew) the night she sunk, only around 710 people survived that night, leaving over 1500 to perish in the freezing cold waters of the North Atlantic.

As of today (2012), no survivors of the Titanic are still alive, the last living known survivor was Millvina Dean who died in 2009. Details of Millvina Dean can be found below.

A full list of the Titanic survivors can be seen at the bottom of this page along with their age at the time they sailed on board as well as their class/department, the port they joined at and their job title.

The Most Controversial Titanic Survivor

The most controversial of the Titanic survivors has to be J.Bruce Ismay (Joseph Bruce Ismay). Ismay was the chairman of the White Star Line as well as being the president of other connected companies (see Titanic's Conception for more information). There are several reasons why Ismay will be remembered as a controversial survivor, the main ones being that:

  • He was responsible for reducing the number of lifeboats down from 48 to 16 to make the decks of the ship less cluttered and more luxurious for the first class titanic passengers.
  • He was reportedly responsible (although never confirmed) for having pressured Captain Edward J Smith into increasing Titanic's speed at a time when they should have being slowing down due to multiple ice warnings.
  • He left the ship safely in a lifeboat having left women and children still on board.

Because of his actions Ismay was dubbed one of the "cowards of Titanic" by the American and the British press.

For the remainder of his life Ismay stayed away from the public eye, he died at the age of 74 from a cerebral thrombosis.

The Last Known Titanic Survivor

Millvina Dean - Last Titanic SurvivorThe last known survivor of the Titanic disaster was Elizabeth Gladys Millvina Dean, known as Millvina, however Millvina died on pneumonia at age 97 in 2009.

Millvina was just 2 months old when she sailed on the Titanic with her parents when they decided to leave England for America back in 1912, her father had planned to open a tobacco shop when he arrived. Unfortunately her father never made it off Titanic that night and his body, if recovered, was never identified.

The Dean family were not originally meant to be on board Titanic, they had been transferred to the ship along with a few other passengers because of the cancellation of another ship sailing due to a coal strike.

Millvia, her brother and her mother left the ship safely on board lifeboat 10 and were rescued by the Carpathia a few hours later. Her mother died back in 1975, aged 96; and her brother died in 1992, aged 81.

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First, Second & Third Class Titanic Survivors Passenger List

The following list is a fully comprehensive passenger lists for those people who survived the Titanic disaster on the night that she sank in 1912.

Titanic Survivors List

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