Titanic Survivors List

The following table shows a comprehensive table of the known survivors of the Titanic disaster listed by class, starting with 1st class passengers.  This table also details passenger names along with their age at the time of sinking, class/department, the port they joined the ship and their job.

If you're looking for passenger lists then please visit our Titanic passengers page for first, second and third class passenger lists and information.

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Titanic Survivor List (Sorted By Class/Dept)
Allen, Miss Elisabeth Walton291st ClassSouthampton
Allison, Master Hudson Trevor11m1st ClassSouthampton
Anderson, Mr Harry471st ClassSouthamptonstockbroker
Andrews, Miss Kornelia Theodosia621st ClassCherbourg
Appleton, Mrs Charlotte531st ClassSouthampton
Astor, Mrs Madeleine Talmage181st ClassCherbourg
Aubart, Mme. Léontine Pauline241st ClassCherbourgsinger
Barber, Miss Ellen "nellie"261st ClassSouthamptonpersonal Maid
Barkworth, Mr Algernon Henry471st ClassSouthamptonjustice Of The Peace
Baxter, Mrs Hélène501st ClassCherbourg
Bazzani, Mrs Albina361st ClassCherbourgpersonal Maid
Beckwith, Mr Richard Leonard371st ClassSouthampton
Beckwith, Mrs Sallie461st ClassSouthampton
Behr, Mr Karl Howell261st ClassCherbourg
Bessette, Miss Nellie Mayo391st ClassCherbourgpersonal Maid
Bidois, Miss Rosalie461st ClassCherbourgpersonal Maid
Bird, Miss Ellen311st ClassSouthamptonpersonal Maid
Bishop, Mr Dickinson H.251st ClassCherbourg
Bishop, Mrs Helen191st ClassCherbourg
Björnström-steffansson, Mr Mauritz Håkan281st ClassSouthamptonbusinessman
Blank, Mr Henry391st ClassCherbourgjeweller
Bonnell, Miss Caroline301st ClassSouthampton
Bonnell, Miss Elizabeth611st ClassSouthampton
Bowen, Miss Grace Scott451st ClassCherbourggoverness
Bowerman, Miss Elsie Edith221st ClassSouthampton
Brereton, Mr George Andrew371st ClassSouthampton
Brown, Mrs Caroline Lane591st ClassSouthampton
Brown, Mrs Margaret441st ClassCherbourg
Bucknell, Mrs Emma Eliza591st ClassCherbourg
Burns, Miss Elizabeth Margaret411st ClassCherbourgnursemaid
Calderhead, Mr Edward Pennington421st ClassSouthampton
Candee, Mrs Helen Churchill521st ClassCherbourg
Cardeza, Mrs Charlotte Wardle581st ClassCherbourg
Cardeza, Mr Thomas Drake Martinez361st ClassCherbourggentleman
Carter, Mr William Ernest361st ClassSouthampton
Carter, Mrs Lucile361st ClassSouthampton
Carter, Miss Lucile Polk131st ClassSouthampton
Carter, Master William Thornton Ii111st ClassSouthampton
Cassebeer, Mrs Eleanor Genevieve361st ClassCherbourg
Cavendish, Mrs Julia Florence251st ClassSouthampton
Chaffee, Mrs Carrie Constance471st ClassSouthampton
Chambers, Mr Norman Campbell271st ClassSouthampton
Chambers, Mrs Bertha321st ClassSouthampton
Chaudanson, Miss Victorine361st ClassCherbourgpersonal Maid
Cherry, Miss Gladys301st ClassSouthamptonof Independent Means
Chevré, Mr Paul Romaine Marie Léonce451st ClassCherbourgsculptor
Chibnall, Mrs Edith Martha Bowerman481st ClassSouthamptonof Independent Means
Clark, Mrs Virginia Estelle261st ClassCherbourg
Cleaver, Miss Alice Catherine221st ClassSouthamptonnursemaid
Compton, Mrs Mary Eliza641st ClassCherbourg
Compton, Miss Sara Rebecca391st ClassCherbourg
Cornell, Mrs Malvina Helen551st ClassSouthampton
Crosby, Mrs Catherine Elizabeth641st ClassSouthampton
Crosby, Miss Harriette Rebecca391st ClassSouthampton
Cumings, Mrs Florence Briggs351st ClassCherbourg
Daly, Mr Peter Dennis511st ClassSouthamptonbusinessman
Daniel, Mr Robert Williams271st ClassSouthampton
Daniels, Miss Sarah331st ClassSouthamptonpersonal Maid
Davidson, Mrs Orian271st ClassCherbourg
Dick, Mr Albert Adrian311st ClassSouthampton
Dick, Mrs Vera171st ClassSouthampton
Dodge, Dr Washington521st ClassSouthamptonpolitician
Dodge, Mrs Ruth341st ClassSouthampton
Dodge, Master Washington41st ClassSouthampton
Douglas, Mrs Mahala481st ClassCherbourg
Douglas, Mrs Mary Hélène271st ClassCherbourg
Duff Gordon, Sir Cosmo Edmund491st ClassCherbourglandowner
Duff Gordon, Lucy Christiana, Lady481st ClassCherbourgdressmaker / Couturière
Earnshaw, Mrs Olive231st ClassCherbourgof Independent Means
Endres, Miss Caroline Louise391st ClassCherbourgnurse
Eustis, Miss Elizabeth Mussey541st ClassCherbourg
Flegenheim, Mrs Antoinette481st ClassCherbourg
Fleming, Miss Margaret421st ClassCherbourgpersonal Maid
Flynn, Mr John Irwin361st ClassSouthampton
Fortune, Mrs Mary601st ClassSouthampton
Fortune, Miss Ethel Flora281st ClassSouthampton
Fortune, Miss Alice Elizabeth241st ClassSouthampton
Fortune, Miss Mabel Helen231st ClassSouthampton
Francatelli, Miss Laura Mabel311st ClassCherbourgsecretary
Frauenthal, Mr Isaac Gerald431st ClassCherbourg
Frauenthal, Dr Henry William491st ClassCherbourgdoctor
Frauenthal, Mrs Clara421st ClassCherbourg
Frölicher, Miss Hedwig Margaritha221st ClassCherbourg
Frölicher-stehli, Mr Maximilian Josef601st ClassCherbourg
Frölicher-stehli, Mrs Margaretha Emerentia481st ClassCherbourg
Futrelle, Mrs Lily May351st ClassSouthampton
Gibson, Mrs Pauline Caroline441st ClassCherbourg
Gibson, Miss Dorothy Winifred221st ClassCherbourg
Gieger, Miss Amalie "emily" Henriette351st ClassSouthamptonpersonal Maid
Goldenberg, Mr Samuel L.471st ClassCherbourg
Goldenberg, Mrs Nella401st ClassCherbourg
Gracie, Colonel Archibald531st ClassSouthamptonwriter
Graham, Mrs Edith591st ClassSouthampton
Graham, Miss Margaret Edith191st ClassSouthampton
Greenfield, Mrs Blanche451st ClassCherbourg
Greenfield, Mr William Bertram231st ClassCherbourg
Harder, Mr George Achilles251st ClassCherbourgbusinessman
Harder, Mrs Dorothy211st ClassCherbourg
Harper, Mr Henry Sleeper481st ClassCherbourgof Independent Means
Harper, Mrs Myna491st ClassCherbourg
Harris, Mrs Irene351st ClassSouthampton
Hassab, Mr Hammad271st ClassCherbourgservant
Hawksford, Mr Walter James451st ClassSouthamptonsales Manager
Hays, Mrs Clara Jennings521st ClassSouthampton
Hays, Miss Margaret Bechstein241st ClassCherbourg
Hippach, Mrs Ida Sophia441st ClassCherbourg
Hippach, Miss Jean Gertrude171st ClassCherbourg
Hogeboom, Mrs Anna Louisa511st ClassCherbourgof Independent Means
Holverson, Mrs Mary Aline351st ClassSouthampton
Homer, Mr Harry401st ClassSouthamptongambler
Hoyt, Mr Frederick Maxfield381st ClassSouthampton
Hoyt, Mrs Jane Anne311st ClassSouthampton
Icard, Miss Amelie "amelia"381st ClassSouthamptonpersonal Maid
Ismay, Mr Joseph Bruce491st ClassSouthamptonshipowner
Kenyon, Mrs Marion311st ClassSouthampton
Kimball, Mr Edwin Nelson Jr.421st ClassSouthampton
Kimball, Mrs Gertrude451st ClassSouthampton
Kreuchen, Miss Emilie291st ClassSouthamptonpersonal Maid
Leader, Dr Alice491st ClassSouthamptondoctor
Leroy, Miss Berthe271st ClassCherbourgpersonal Maid
Lesueur, Mr Gustave J.351st ClassCherbourgservant
Lindström, Mrs Sigrid551st ClassCherbourg
Lines, Mrs Elizabeth Lindsey501st ClassCherbourg
Lines, Miss Mary Conover161st ClassCherbourg
Longley, Miss Gretchen Fiske211st ClassCherbourg
Lurette, Miss Eugenie Elise591st ClassCherbourgpersonal Maid
Madill, Miss Georgette Alexandra161st ClassSouthampton
Maioni, Miss Roberta Elizabeth Mary191st ClassSouthamptonpersonal Maid
Maréchal, Mr Pierre281st ClassCherbourgaviator
Marvin, Mrs Mary Graham Carmichael181st ClassSouthampton
Mayné, Mlle Bertha Antonine241st ClassCherbourgsinger
Mcgough, Mr James Robert351st ClassSouthamptonbuyer
Meyer, Mrs Leila251st ClassCherbourg
Minahan, Mrs Lillian E.371st Class
Minahan, Miss Daisy E.331st Class
Mock, Mr Philipp Edmund301st ClassCherbourg
Newell, Miss Marjorie Anne231st ClassCherbourg
Newell, Miss Madeleine311st ClassCherbourg
Newsom, Miss Helen Monypeny191st ClassSouthampton
Nourney, Mr Alfred201st ClassCherbourggentleman
Oliva Y Ocana, Doña Fermina391st ClassCherbourgpersonal Maid
Omont, Mr Alfred Fernand291st ClassCherbourgdealer
Ostby, Miss Helen Ragnhild221st ClassSouthampton
Pears, Mrs Edith221st ClassSouthampton
Peñasco Y Castellana, Mrs Maria Josefa Perezde Soto Y Vallejo221st ClassCherbourgof Independent Means
Perreault, Miss Mary Anne331st ClassSouthamptonpersonal Maid
Peuchen, Major Arthur Godfrey521st ClassSouthampton
Potter, Mrs Lily Alexenia561st ClassCherbourg
Rheims, Mr George Alexander Lucien361st ClassCherbourg
Robert, Mrs Elisabeth Walton431st ClassSouthamptonof Independent Means
Romaine, Mr Charles Hallace451st ClassSouthampton
Rosenbaum, Miss Edith Louise341st ClassCherbourgjournalist
Rothes, Lucy Noël Martha, Countess Of331st ClassSouthamptonof Independent Means
Rothschild, Mrs Elizabeth Jane Anne541st ClassCherbourg
Ryerson, Mrs Emily Maria481st ClassCherbourg
Ryerson, Miss Emily Borie181st ClassCherbourg
Ryerson, Miss Susan Parker "suzette"211st ClassCherbourg
Ryerson, Master John Borie131st ClassCherbourg
Saalfeld, Mr Adolphe471st ClassSouthamptonbusinessman
Sägesser, Mlle Emma241st ClassCherbourgpersonal Maid
Salomon, Mr Abraham Lincoln431st ClassCherbourgbusinessman
Schabert, Mrs Emma351st ClassCherbourg
Serreplan, Miss Auguste301st ClassSouthamptonpersonal Maid
Seward, Mr Frederic Kimber341st ClassSouthamptonlawyer
Shutes, Miss Elizabeth Weed401st ClassSouthamptongoverness
Silverthorne, Mr Spencer Victor351st ClassSouthampton
Silvey, Mrs Alice391st ClassCherbourg
Simonius-blumer, Mr Colonel (oberst) Alfons561st ClassSouthamptonbanker
Sloper, Mr William Thompson281st ClassSouthamptonstockbroker
Smith, Mrs Mary Eloise181st ClassCherbourg
Snyder, Mr John Pillsbury241st ClassSouthampton
Snyder, Mrs Nelle231st ClassSouthampton
Spedden, Mr Frederic Oakley451st ClassCherbourg
Spedden, Mrs Margaretta Corning391st ClassCherbourg
Spedden, Master Robert Douglas61st ClassCherbourg
Spencer, Mrs Marie Eugenie451st ClassCherbourg
Stähelin-maeglin, Dr Max321st ClassSouthamptonlawyer
Stengel, Mr Charles Emil Henry541st ClassCherbourgbusinessman
Stengel, Mrs Annie May441st ClassCherbourg
Stephenson, Mrs Martha521st ClassCherbourg
Stone, Mrs Martha Evelyn621st ClassSouthampton
Swift, Mrs Margaret Welles461st ClassSouthampton
Taussig, Mrs Tillie391st ClassSouthampton
Taussig, Miss Ruth181st ClassSouthampton
Taylor, Mr Elmer Zebley481st ClassSouthamptonmanufacturer
Taylor, Mrs Juliet Cummins491st ClassSouthampton
Thayer, Mrs Marian Longstreth391st ClassCherbourg
Thayer, Mr John Borland Jr171st ClassCherbourgscholar
Thorne, Miss Gertrude Maybelle381st ClassCherbourg
Tucker, Mr Gilbert Milligan Jr311st ClassCherbourg
Ward, Miss Annie Moore381st ClassCherbourgpersonal Maid
Warren, Mrs Anna Sophia601st ClassCherbourg
White, Mrs Ella551st ClassCherbourg
Wick, Mrs Mary451st ClassSouthampton
Wick, Miss Mary Natalie311st ClassSouthampton
Widener, Mrs Eleanor501st ClassSouthampton
Willard, Miss Constance211st ClassSouthampton
Williams, Mr Richard Norris Ii211st ClassCherbourgsportsman
Wilson, Miss Helen Alice311st ClassCherbourgpersonal Maid
Woolner, Mr Hugh451st ClassSouthamptonbusinessman
Young, Miss Marie Grice361st ClassCherbourg
Abelson, Mrs282nd ClassCherbourg
Angle, Mrs Florence "mary" Agnes362nd ClassSouthampton
Ball, Mrs Ada E.362nd ClassSouthampton
Beane, Mr Edward322nd ClassSouthampton
Beane, Mrs Ethel192nd ClassSouthampton
Becker, Mrs Nellie E.352nd ClassSouthampton
Becker, Miss Marion Louise42nd ClassSouthampton
Becker, Master Richard F.12nd ClassSouthampton
Becker, Miss Ruth Elizabeth122nd ClassSouthampton
Beesley, Mr Lawrence342nd ClassSouthamptonteacher
Bentham, Miss Lillian W.192nd ClassSouthampton
Brown, Miss Amelia Mary "mildred"182nd ClassSouthamptoncook (personal)
Brown, Mrs Elizabeth Catherine402nd ClassSouthampton
Brown, Miss Edith Eileen152nd ClassSouthamptonscholar
Bryhl, Miss Dagmar Jenny Ingeborg202nd ClassSouthampton
Buss, Miss Kate362nd ClassSouthampton
Byström, Mrs Karolina422nd ClassSouthampton
Caldwell, Mr Albert Francis262nd ClassSouthampton
Caldwell, Mrs Sylvia Mae282nd ClassSouthampton
Caldwell, Master Alden Gates10m2nd ClassSouthampton
Cameron, Miss Clear Annie352nd ClassSouthampton
Christy, Mrs Alice Frances452nd ClassSouthampton
Christy, Miss Rachel Julie Cohen252nd ClassSouthampton
Clarke, Mrs Ada Maria282nd ClassSouthampton
Collett, Mr Sidney Clarence Stuart252nd ClassSouthampton
Collyer, Mrs Charlotte Annie312nd ClassSouthampton
Collyer, Miss Marjorie Charlotte "lottie"82nd ClassSouthampton
Cook, Mrs Selena222nd ClassSouthampton
Davies, Mrs Elizabeth Agnes Mary482nd ClassSouthampton
Davies, Master John Morgan Jr82nd ClassSouthampton
Davis, Miss Mary282nd ClassSouthampton
Del Carlo, Mrs Argene242nd ClassCherbourg
Doling, Mrs Ada Julia342nd ClassSouthampton
Doling, Miss Elsie182nd ClassSouthampton
Drew, Mrs Lulu Thorne342nd ClassSouthampton
Drew, Master Marshall Brines82nd ClassSouthampton
Duran Y More, Miss Florentina302nd ClassCherbourg
Duran Y More, Miss Asuncion272nd ClassCherbourg
Garside, Miss Ethel342nd ClassSouthampton
Hämäläinen, Mrs Anna232nd ClassSouthampton
Hämäläinen, Master Viljo Unto Johannes8m2nd ClassSouthampton
Harper, Miss Annie Jessie62nd ClassSouthampton
Harris, Mr George622nd ClassSouthampton
Hart, Mrs Esther Ada482nd ClassSouthampton
Hart, Miss Eva Miriam72nd ClassSouthampton
Herman, Mrs Jane482nd ClassSouthampton
Herman, Miss Alice242nd ClassSouthampton
Herman, Miss Kate242nd ClassSouthampton
Hewlett, Mrs Mary Dunbar562nd ClassSouthampton
Hocking, Mrs Elizabeth "eliza"542nd ClassSouthampton
Hocking, Miss Ellen "nellie"202nd ClassSouthampton
Hold, Mrs Annie Margaret292nd ClassSouthampton
Hosono, Mr Masabumi412nd ClassSouthamptoncivil Servant
Ilett, Miss Bertha172nd ClassSouthampton
Jacobsohn, Mrs Amy Frances Christy242nd ClassSouthampton
Jerwan, Mrs Marie Marthe232nd ClassCherbourg
Kantor, Mrs Miriam242nd ClassSouthampton
Keane, Miss Nora Agnes462nd Classqueenstown
Kelly, Mrs Florence "fannie"452nd ClassSouthampton
Laroche, Mrs Juliette Marie Louise222nd ClassCherbourg
Laroche, Miss Louise12nd ClassCherbourg
Laroche, Miss Simonne Marie Anne Andrée32nd ClassCherbourg
Lehmann, Miss Bertha172nd ClassCherbourg
Leitch, Miss Jessie Wills312nd ClassSouthampton
Lemore, Mrs Amelia "milley"342nd ClassSouthampton
Louch, Mrs Alice Adelaide422nd ClassSouthampton
Lundin, Miss Olga Elida232nd ClassSouthampton
Mallet, Mrs Antonine Marie242nd ClassCherbourg
Mallet, Master André Clement12nd ClassCherbourg
Mellinger, Mrs Elizabeth Anne412nd ClassSouthampton
Mellinger, Miss Madeleine Violet132nd ClassSouthampton
Mellors, Mr William John192nd ClassSouthamptonsalesman
Nasser, Mrs Adele142nd ClassCherbourg
Navratil, Master Edmond Roger22nd ClassSouthampton
Navratil, Master Michel Marcel32nd ClassSouthampton
Nye, Mrs Elizabeth292nd ClassSouthampton
Oxenham, Mr Percy Thomas222nd ClassSouthamptonmason
Padron Manent, Mr Julian262nd ClassCherbourgchauffeur
Pallas Y Castello, Mr Emilio292nd ClassCherbourg
Parrish, Mrs Lutie Davis592nd ClassSouthampton
Phillips, Miss Alice Frances Louisa212nd ClassSouthampton
Phillips, Miss Kate Florence192nd ClassSouthampton
Pinsky, Mrs Rosa322nd ClassSouthampton
Portaluppi, Mr Emilio Ilario Giuseppe302nd ClassCherbourg
Quick, Mrs Jane332nd ClassSouthampton
Quick, Miss Winifred Vera82nd ClassSouthampton
Quick, Miss Phyllis May22nd ClassSouthampton
Renouf, Mrs Lillian302nd ClassSouthampton
Reynaldo, Ms Encarnacion282nd ClassSouthampton
Richards, Mrs Emily242nd ClassSouthampton
Richards, Master William Rowe32nd ClassSouthampton
Richards, Master Sibley George9m2nd ClassSouthampton
Ridsdale, Miss Lucy502nd ClassSouthampton
Rugg, Miss Emily212nd ClassSouthampton
Shelley, Mrs Imanita Parrish252nd ClassSouthampton
Silvén, Miss Lyyli Karoliina172nd ClassSouthampton
Sincock, Miss Maude202nd ClassSouthampton
Sinkkonen, Miss Anna302nd ClassSouthampton
Slayter, Miss Hilda Mary302nd Classqueenstown
Smith, Miss Marion Elsie392nd ClassSouthampton
Toomey, Miss Ellen Mary482nd ClassSouthamptonservant
Trout, Mrs Jessie L.262nd ClassSouthampton
Troutt, Miss Edwina Celia272nd ClassSouthampton
Wallcroft, Miss Ellen "nellie"362nd ClassSouthampton
Ware, Mrs Florence Louise312nd ClassSouthampton
Watt, Mrs Elizabeth "bessie" Inglis402nd ClassSouthampton
Watt, Miss Robertha Josephine "bertha"122nd ClassSouthampton
Webber, Miss Susan372nd ClassSouthampton
Weisz, Mrs Mathilde Françoise372nd ClassSouthampton
Wells, Mrs "addie" Dart292nd ClassSouthampton
Wells, Miss Joan42nd ClassSouthampton
Wells, Master Ralph Lester22nd ClassSouthampton
West, Mrs Ada Mary332nd ClassSouthampton
West, Miss Constance Mirium42nd ClassSouthampton
West, Miss Barbara Joyce10m2nd ClassSouthampton
Wilhelms, Mr Charles322nd ClassSouthampton
Wilkinson, Mrs Elizabeth Anne352nd ClassSouthampton
Williams, Mr Charles Eugene232nd ClassSouthamptonsportsman
Wright, Miss Marion262nd ClassSouthampton
Abbott, Mrs Rhoda Mary 'rosa'393rd ClassSouthampton
Abelseth, Miss Karen Marie163rd ClassSouthampton
Abelseth, Mr Olaus Jørgensen253rd ClassSouthamptonfarmer
Abrahamsson, Mr Abraham August Johannes203rd ClassSouthampton
Abrahim, Mrs Mary Sophie Halaut183rd ClassCherbourg
Aks, Mrs Leah183rd ClassSouthampton
Aks, Master Frank Philip10m3rd ClassSouthampton
Albimona, Mr Nassef Cassem263rd ClassCherbourg
Andersen-jensen, Miss Carla Christine Nielsine193rd ClassSouthampton
Andersson, Miss Erna Alexandra173rd ClassSouthampton
Asplund, Master Edvin Rojj Felix33rd ClassSouthampton
Asplund, Mr Johan Charles233rd ClassSouthampton
Asplund, Mrs Selma Augusta Emilia383rd ClassSouthampton
Asplund, Miss Lillian Gertrud53rd ClassSouthampton
Assaf, Mrs Mariana453rd ClassCherbourg
Ayoub Daher, Miss Banoura153rd ClassCherbourg
Backström, Mrs Maria Mathilda333rd ClassSouthampton
Baclini, Mrs Latifa243rd ClassCherbourg
Baclini, Miss Marie Catherine53rd ClassCherbourg
Baclini, Miss Eugenie33rd ClassCherbourg
Baclini, Miss Helene Barbara9m3rd ClassCherbourg
Badman, Miss Emily Louisa183rd ClassSouthamptonservant
Banski, Mrs Mara313rd ClassSouthampton
Bing, Mr Lee323rd ClassSouthamptonseaman
Bradley, Miss Bridget Delia223rd Classqueenstown
Buckley, Mr Daniel213rd Classqueenstownfarm Labourer
Chip, Mr Chang323rd ClassSouthamptonseaman
Cohen, Mr Gurshon "gus"183rd ClassSouthamptonprinter / Compositor
Connolly, Miss Kate233rd Classqueenstown
Corr, Miss Helen163rd Classqueenstown
Coutts, Mrs Winnie "minnie"363rd ClassSouthampton
Coutts, Master William Loch "willie"93rd ClassSouthampton
Coutts, Master Neville Leslie33rd ClassSouthampton
Cribb, Miss Laura Mae163rd ClassSouthamptonshop Assistant
Dahl, Mr Charles Edward453rd ClassSouthamptoncarpenter / Joiner
Daly, Miss Margaret Marcella "maggie"303rd Classqueenstownhousekeeper
Daly, Mr Eugene Patrick293rd Classqueenstownfarm Labourer
Davison, Mrs Mary E.343rd ClassSouthampton
De Messemaeker, Mr Guillaume Joseph363rd ClassSouthampton
De Messemaeker, Mrs Anna363rd ClassSouthampton
De Mulder, Mr Theodoor303rd ClassSouthampton
Dean, Mrs Eva Georgetta323rd ClassSouthampton
Dean, Master Bertram Vere13rd ClassSouthampton
Dean, Miss Elizabeth Gladys 'millvina'2m3rd ClassSouthampton
Devaney, Miss Margaret Delia193rd Classqueenstown
Dorking, Mr Edward Arthur183rd ClassSouthamptongroom
Dowdell, Miss Elizabeth313rd ClassSouthamptonhousekeeper
Dropkin, Miss Jennie243rd ClassSouthamptonbox Maker
Duquemin, Mr Joseph Pierre193rd ClassSouthamptonmason
Dyker, Mrs Anna Elisabeth Judith223rd ClassSouthampton
Emanuel, Miss Virginia Ethel53rd ClassSouthampton
Finoli, Mr Luigi343rd ClassSouthampton
Foo, Mr Choong323rd ClassSouthamptonseaman
George/joseph, Mrs Shawneene383rd ClassCherbourg
Gilnagh, Miss Mary Katherine "katie"173rd Classqueenstown
Glynn, Miss Mary Agatha193rd Classqueenstown
Goldsmith, Mrs Emily Alice313rd ClassSouthampton
Goldsmith, Master Frank John William93rd ClassSouthampton
Hakkarainen, Mrs Elin Matilda243rd ClassSouthampton
Hannah, Mr Borak ("hannah Assi Borah")273rd ClassCherbourg
Hansen, Mrs Jennie Louise453rd ClassSouthampton
Healy, Miss Hanora "nora"293rd Classqueenstown
Hedman, Mr Oskar Arvid273rd ClassSouthamptonsettler Recruiter
Hee, Mr Ling243rd ClassSouthamptonseaman
Heikkinen, Miss Laina263rd ClassSouthampton
Hellström, Miss Hilda Maria223rd ClassSouthampton
Hirvonen, Mrs Helga Elisabeth Lindqvist223rd ClassSouthampton
Hirvonen, Miss Hildur Elisabeth23rd ClassSouthampton
Honkanen, Miss Eliina273rd ClassSouthampton
Howard, Miss May Elizabeth273rd ClassSouthamptonlaundry Worker
Hyman, Mr Abraham Joseph343rd ClassSouthamptonframer
Jalševac, Mr Ivan293rd ClassCherbourg
Jansson, Mr Carl Olof213rd ClassSouthampton
Jermyn, Miss Annie Jane263rd Classqueenstown
Johannesen, Mr Bernt Johannes293rd ClassSouthampton
Johansson Palmquist, Mr Oskar Leander263rd ClassSouthampton
Johnson, Mrs Elisabeth Vilhelmina263rd ClassSouthampton
Johnson, Master Harold Theodor43rd ClassSouthampton
Johnson, Miss Eleanor Ileen13rd ClassSouthampton
Jonsson, Mr Carl253rd ClassSouthamptongeneral Labourer
Jussila, Mr Eiriik323rd ClassSouthampton
Karlsson, Mr Einar Gervasius213rd ClassSouthamptonmilitary
Karun, Mr Franz393rd ClassCherbourghotelier
Karun, Miss Manca43rd ClassCherbourg
Kelly, Miss Anna Katherine203rd Classqueenstown
Kelly, Miss Mary223rd Classqueenstown
Kennedy, Mr John243rd Classqueenstownfarm Labourer
Kink, Mr Anton293rd ClassSouthampton
Kink-heilmann, Mrs Luise263rd ClassSouthampton
Kink-heilmann, Miss Luise Gretchen43rd ClassSouthampton
Krekorian, Mr Neshan253rd ClassCherbourggeneral Labourer
Lam, Mr Ali383rd ClassSouthamptonseaman
Landergren, Miss Aurora Adelia223rd ClassSouthampton
Lang, Mr Fang323rd ClassSouthamptonseaman
Leeni, Mr Fahim ("philip Zenni")223rd ClassCherbourggeneral Labourer
Lindqvist, Mr Eino William203rd ClassSouthampton
Lulic, Mr Nikola293rd ClassSouthampton
Lundström, Mr Thure Edvin323rd ClassSouthampton
Madigan, Miss Margaret "maggie"213rd Classqueenstown
Madsen, Mr Fridtjof Arne243rd ClassSouthampton
Mamee, Mr Hanna203rd ClassCherbourg
Mannion, Miss Margaret283rd Classqueenstown
Mccarthy, Miss Catherine "katie"243rd Classqueenstown
Mccormack, Mr Thomas Joseph193rd Classqueenstownbarman
Mccoy, Miss Agnes293rd Classqueenstown
Mccoy, Miss Alicia263rd Classqueenstown
Mccoy, Mr Bernard243rd Classqueenstowngeneral Labourer
Mcdermott, Miss Bridget Delia313rd Classqueenstown
Mcgovern, Ms Mary223rd Classqueenstown
Mcgowan, Miss Anna "annie"173rd Classqueenstown
Midtsjø, Mr Karl Albert213rd ClassSouthamptonfarmer
Mockler, Miss Ellen Mary233rd Classqueenstown
Moor, Mrs Beila293rd ClassSouthamptontailor
Moor, Master Meier73rd ClassSouthampton
Moran, Miss Bertha Bridget283rd Classqueenstown
Moss, Mr Albert Johan293rd ClassSouthampton
Moubarek, Mrs Omine243rd ClassCherbourg
Moubarek, Master Gerios ("george _")73rd ClassCherbourg
Moubarek, Master Halim Gonios ("william George")43rd ClassCherbourg
Moussa, Mrs Mantoura Boulos353rd ClassCherbourghousewife
Mousselmani, Mrs Fatima223rd ClassCherbourg
Mullen, Miss Katherine "katie"213rd Classqueenstown
Mulvihill, Miss Bridget Elizabeth253rd Classqueenstown
Murphy, Miss Nora343rd Classqueenstown
Murphy, Miss Margaret Jane "mary" "maggie"253rd Classqueenstown
Murphy, Miss Catherine "kate"183rd Classqueenstown
Najib Kiamie, Miss Adele "jane"153rd ClassCherbourg
Nakid, Mr Sahid203rd ClassCherbourg
Nakid, Mrs Waika "mary"193rd ClassCherbourg
Nakid, Miss Maria13rd ClassCherbourg
Nicola-yarred, Miss Jamila ("amelia Garrett")143rd ClassCherbourg
Nicola-yarred, Master Elias ("louis Garrett")113rd ClassCherbourg
Nilsson, Miss Berta Olivia183rd ClassSouthampton
Nilsson, Miss Helmina Josefina263rd ClassSouthampton
Niskänen, Mr Juha393rd ClassSouthampton
Nysten, Miss Anna Sofia223rd ClassSouthampton
O'brien, Mrs Johanna "hannah"263rd Classqueenstownhousewife
O'driscoll, Miss Bridget273rd Classqueenstown
O'dwyer, Miss Ellen "nellie"253rd Classqueenstown
O'keefe, Mr Patrick213rd Classqueenstownfarm Labourer
O'leary, Miss Hanora "nora"163rd Classqueenstown
Öhman, Miss Velin223rd ClassSouthampton
Olsen, Master Artur Karl93rd ClassSouthampton
Olsson, Mr Oscar Wilhelm323rd ClassSouthampton
Persson, Mr Ernst Ulrik253rd ClassSouthamptonchauffeur
Peter / Joseph, Mrs Catherine243rd ClassCherbourg
Peter / Joseph, Master Michael J. ("michael Joseph")43rd ClassCherbourg
Peter / Joseph, Miss Anna ("mary Joseph")23rd ClassCherbourg
Pickard, Mr Berk323rd ClassSouthamptonleather Worker
Riordan, Miss Hannah183rd Classqueenstown
Roth, Miss Sarah A.263rd ClassSouthamptontailor
Ryan, Mr Edward243rd Classqueenstowngeneral Labourer
Salkjelsvik, Miss Anna Kristine213rd ClassSouthampton
Sandström, Mrs Agnes Charlotta243rd ClassSouthampton
Sandström, Miss Beatrice Irene13rd ClassSouthampton
Sandström, Miss Marguerite Rut43rd ClassSouthampton
Sap, Mr Julius ("jules _")213rd ClassSouthampton
Scheerlinck, Mr Jean293rd ClassSouthampton
Shine, Miss Ellen Natalia203rd Classqueenstown
Sjöblom, Miss Anna Sofia183rd ClassSouthampton
Smyth, Miss Julia173rd Classqueenstown
Stanley, Miss Amy Zillah Elsie243rd ClassSouthamptonservant
Strandén, Mr Juho Niilosson313rd ClassSouthampton
Sunderland, Mr Victor Francis203rd ClassSouthamptonfarmer
Sundman, Mr Johan Julian443rd ClassSouthampton
Svensson, Mr Johan Cervin143rd ClassSouthampton
Tenglin, Mr Gunnar Isidor253rd ClassSouthampton
Thomas, Mrs Thamine "thelma"163rd ClassCherbourg
Thomas/tannous, Master Assad Alexander5m3rd ClassCherbourg
Thorneycroft, Mrs Florence Kate323rd ClassSouthampton
Törnquist, Mr William Henry253rd ClassSouthamptonseaman
Touma, Mrs Hanna Youssef273rd ClassCherbourg
Touma, Miss Maria Youssef ("mary Thomas")93rd ClassCherbourg
Touma, Master Georges Youssef ("george Thomas")83rd ClassCherbourg
Turja, Miss Anna Sofia183rd ClassSouthampton
Turkula, Mrs Hedwig633rd ClassSouthampton
Vartanian, Mr David223rd ClassCherbourg
Wennerström, Mr August273rd ClassSouthampton
Wilkes, Mrs Ellen473rd ClassSouthampton
Yazbeck, Mrs Selini "celiney"153rd ClassCherbourg
Bowker, Miss Ruth27a La CarteSouthamptoncashier
Martin, Miss Mabel Edwina20a La CarteSouthamptoncashier
Mauge, Mr Paul Achille Maurice Germain25a La CarteSouthamptonkitchen Clerk
Anderson, Mr James40deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Archer, Mr Ernest Edward36deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Bailey, Mr Henry Joseph43deck StaffSouthamptonmaster-at-arms
Boxhall, Mr Joseph Groves28deck StaffBelfast4th. Officer
Brice, Mr Walter T42deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Bright, Mr Arthur John42deck StaffBelfastquartermaster
Buley, Mr Edward John27deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Clench, Mr Frederick34deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Evans, Mr Alfred Frank24deck StaffSouthamptonlookout
Evans, Mr Frank Oliver27deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Fleet, Mr Frederick24deck StaffBelfastlookout
Foley, Mr John44deck StaffBelfaststorekeeper
Forward, Mr James27deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Haines, Mr Albert M.31deck StaffBelfastboatswain Mate
Harder, Mr William39deck StaffSouthamptonwindow Cleaner
Hemming, Mr Samuel Emest43deck StaffBelfastlamp Trimmer
Hichens, Mr Robert29deck StaffSouthamptonquartermaster
Hogg, Mr George Alfred29deck StaffBelfastlookout
Hopkins, Mr Robert John40deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Horswill, Mr Albert Edward James33deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Humphreys, Mr Sidney James48deck StaffSouthamptonquartermaster
Jewell, Mr Archie23deck StaffBelfastlookout
Jones, Mr Thomas William32deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Lee, Mr Reginald Robinson41deck StaffSouthamptonlookout
Lightoller, Mr Charles Herbert38deck StaffBelfast2nd. Officer
Lowe, Mr Harold Godfrey29deck StaffBelfast5th. Officer
Lucas, Mr William A.25deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Mccarthy, Mr William47deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Mcgough, Mr George Francis36deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Moore, Mr George Alfred32deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Olliver, Mr Alfred27deck StaffBelfastquartermaster
Osman, Mr Frank28deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Pascoe, Mr Charles H.43deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Perkis, Mr Walter John37deck StaffBelfastquartermaster
Peters, Mr William Chapman26deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Pitman, Mr Herbert John34deck StaffBelfast3rd. Officer
Poingdestre, Mr John Thomas33deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Rowe, Mr George Thomas32deck StaffBelfastquartermaster
Scarrott, Mr Joseph George33deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Symons, Mr George Thomas Macdonald24deck StaffSouthamptonlookout
Vigott, Mr Philip Francis32deck StaffSouthamptonable Seaman
Weller, Mr William Clifford30deck StaffBelfastable Seaman
Wynn, Mr Walter41deck StaffBelfastquartermaster
Allen, Mr Ernest Frederick24engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Avery, Mr James Frank22engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Barrett, Mr Frederick28engine StaffSouthamptonleading Fireman
Beauchamp, Mr George William24engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Binstead, Mr Walter19engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Blake, Mr Percival Albert22engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Cavell, Mr George Henry22engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Clark, Mr William39engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Collins, Mr Samuel35engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Combes, Mr George34engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Couper, Mr Robert30engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Crimmins, Mr James21engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Diaper, Mr J24engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Dilley, Mr John30engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Dillon, Mr Thomas Patrick24engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Doel, Mr Frederick22engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Dore, Mr A.
Dymond, Mr Frank25engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Fitzpatrick, Mr Cecil William21engine StaffSouthamptonmess Steward
Flarty, Mr Edward43engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Fredericks, Mr Walter Francis20engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Fryer, Mr Albert Ernest26engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Godley, Mr George34engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Graham, Mr Thomas G.28engine StaffBelfastfireman / Stoker
Haggan, Mr John35engine StaffBelfastfireman / Stoker
Harris, Mr Frederick39engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Hebb, Mr A.20engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Hendrickson, Mr Charles George29engine StaffSouthamptonleading Fireman
Hunt, Mr Albert22engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Hurst, Mr Walter23engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Judd, Mr Charles E.32engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Kasper, Mr F.40engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Kemish, Mr George24engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Knowles, Mr Thomas42engine StaffSouthamptonfireman Messman
Lindsay, Mr William Charles30engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Major, Mr William James32engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Mason, Mr Frank Archibald Robert32engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Mayzes, Mr Thomas25engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Mcgann, Mr James26engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Mcintyre, Mr William21engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Moore, Mr John J.29engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Murdoch, Mr William John33engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Noss, Mr Henry30engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Nutbean, Mr William30engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
O'connor, Mr John25engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Oliver, Mr Harry32engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Othen, Mr Charles35engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Pearce, Mr John28engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Pelham, Mr George39engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Perry, Mr Edgar Lionel19engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Podesta, Mr John Alexander24engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Prangnell, Mr George Alexander30engine StaffSouthamptongreaser
Priest, Mr Arthur John24engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Pusey, Mr Robert William24engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Ranger, Mr Thomas29engine StaffSouthamptongreaser
Rice, Mr Charles32engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Scott, Mr Frederick William28engine StaffSouthamptongreaser
Self, Mr Edward25engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Senior, Mr Harry31engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Sheath, Mr Frederick20engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Shiers, Mr Alfred Charles25engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Snow, Mr Eustace Philip21engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Sparkman, Mr H.30engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Street, Mr Thomas Albert25engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Taylor, Mr James24engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Taylor, Mr William Henry26engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Thompson, Mr John William35engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Threlfall, Mr Thomas44engine StaffSouthamptonleading Fireman
Thresher, Mr George Terrill25engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
Triggs, Mr Robert40engine StaffSouthamptonfireman / Stoker
White, Mr Alfred32engine StaffSouthamptongreaser
White, Mr William George23engine StaffSouthamptontrimmer
Andrews, Mr Charles Edward19victuallingSouthamptonassistant Saloon Steward
Baggott, Mr Allen Marden28victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward
Ball, Mr Percy19victuallingSouthamptonplate Steward
Bennett, Mrs Mabel30victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Bliss, Mrs Emma45victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Bride, Mr Harold Sydney22victuallingBelfastassistant Telegraphist
Brown, Mr Edward34victuallingBelfastsaloon Steward
Burgess, Mr Charles Reginald18victuallingSouthamptonextra 3rd. Baker
Burke, Mr William31victuallingBelfastsaloon Steward
Burrage, Mr A.20victuallingSouthamptonplate Steward
Caton, Miss Annie33victuallingSouthamptonturkish Bath Stewardess
Chapman, Mr Joseph Charles32victuallingSouthamptonboots
Colgan, Mr E. Joseph33victuallingSouthamptonscullion
Collins, Mr John17victuallingSouthamptonscullion
Crafter, Mr Frederick27victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward
Crawford, Mr Alfred36victuallingBelfastbed Room Steward
Crowe, Mr George Frederick30victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward
Cullen, Mr Charles45victuallingBelfastbed Room Steward
Cunningham, Mr Andrew35victuallingBelfastbed Room Steward
Daniels, Mr Sidney Edward18victuallingSouthamptonsteward
Ellis, Mr John Bertram30victuallingSouthamptonassistant Vegetable Cook
Etches, Mr Henry Samuel41victuallingBelfastbed Room Steward
Faulkner, Mr William Stephen37victuallingBelfastbed Room Steward
Foley, Mr William C.26victuallingSouthamptonsteward
Gibbons, Mr Jacob William36victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward
Gold, Mrs Katherine42victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Gregson, Miss Mary44victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Guy, Mr Edward John28victuallingSouthamptonboots
Halford, Mr Richard22victuallingSouthamptonsteward
Hardwick, Mr Reginald21victuallingSouthamptonkitchen Porter
Hardy, Mr John T.37victuallingBelfastchief 2nd Class Steward
Harrison, Mr Aragon Drummond40victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward
Hart, Mr John Edward31victuallingSouthamptonsteward
Hartnell, Mr Frederick21victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward
Hyland, Mr Leo James19victuallingSouthamptonsteward
Jessop, Miss Violet Constance24victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Johnston, Mr James41victuallingBelfastsaloon Steward
Joughin, Mr Charles John32victuallingBelfastchief Baker
Keen, Mr Percy Edward28victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward
Knight, Mr George44victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward
Lavington, Miss Bessie38victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Leather, Mrs Elizabeth May41victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Lewis, Mr Arthur Ernest Read27victuallingSouthamptonsteward
Littlejohn, Mr Alexander James40victuallingBelfastsaloon Steward
Lucas, Mr William34victuallingBelfastsaloon Steward
Mackay, Mr Charles Donald34victuallingBelfastsaloon Steward
Marsden, Miss Evelyn28victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Martin, Mrs Annie33victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Martin, Mr F.29victuallingSouthamptonscullion
Maynard, Mr Isaac Hiram31victuallingBelfastentre Cook
Mclaren, Mrs40victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Mcmicken, Mr Arthur23victuallingBelfastsaloon Steward
Mills, Mr Christopher51victuallingSouthamptonbutcher
Morris, Mr Frank Herbert28victuallingBelfastbath Room Steward
Neal, Mr Henry25victuallingSouthamptonbaker
Nichols, Mr Walter Henry35victuallingSouthamptonassistant Saloon Steward
Pearcey, Mr Albert Victor32victuallingSouthamptonsteward
Pfropper, Mr Richard30victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward
Phillimore, Mr Harold Charles William23victuallingBelfastsaloon Steward
Port, Mr Frank22victuallingSouthamptonsteward
Prentice, Mr Frank Winnold22victuallingSouthamptonstorekeeper
Prichard, Mrs Alice33victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Prior, Mr Harold John21victuallingSouthamptonsteward
Pugh, Mr Alfred20victuallingSouthamptonsteward
Ray, Mr Frederick Dent32victuallingBelfastsaloon Steward
Roberts, Mrs Mary Kezziah41victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Robinson, Mrs Annie40victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Ross, Mr Horace Leopold36victuallingSouthamptonscullion
Rule, Mr Samuel James58victuallingBelfastbath Room Steward
Ryerson, Mr William Edwy32victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward
Savage, Mr Charles J.23victuallingSouthamptonsteward
Seward, Mr Wilfred Deable25victuallingSouthamptonchief Pantry Steward
Simmons, Mr Alfred (andrew)31victuallingSouthamptonscullion
Sloan, Miss Mary28victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Slocombe, Mrs Maud (née Waldon)30victuallingSouthamptonturkish Bath Stewardess
Smith, Miss Katherine E.42victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Stap, Miss Sarah Agnes47victuallingSouthamptonstewardess
Stewart, Mr John27victuallingBelfastverandah Steward
Terrell, Mr Frank27victuallingSouthamptonassistant Saloon Steward
Theissinger, Mr Alfred43victuallingSouthamptonbed Room Steward
Thomas, Mr Benjamin James32victuallingBelfastsaloon Steward
Thomas, Mr Albert Charles23victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward
Toms, Mr Francis A.31victuallingBelfastsaloon Steward
Ward, Mr William36victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward
Weikman, Mr August H.51victuallingSouthamptonbarber
Wheat, Mr Joseph Thomas29victuallingBelfastassistant Second Steward
Wheelton, Mr Edneser (ernest) Edward29victuallingBelfastsaloon Steward
Whiteley, Mr Thomas Arthur18victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward
Widgery, Mr James George37victuallingSouthamptonbath Steward
Williams, Mr Walter John28victuallingSouthamptonassistant Saloon Steward
Windebank, Mr Alfred Edgar38victuallingSouthamptoncook
Witter, Mr James William Cheetham31victuallingSouthamptonsmoke Room Steward
Wright, Mr William40victuallingSouthamptonglory Hole Steward
Yearsley, Mr Harry38victuallingSouthamptonsaloon Steward