Titanic Wreck


The Titanic wreck lay 2 and a half miles down at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for 73 years after the Titanic sank. Attempts had previously been made to discover the wreck of the Titanic, however owing to the depths that she sank at it was impossible to find or get to her without deep sea diving equipment and sophisticated sonar technology.

Titanic Wreck Site Location

The wreck was discovered in 1985 by an Jean-Louis Michel and Dr. Robert Ballard, the wreck was located using side-scan sonar technology from the vessels Knorr and Suroit at a depth of 2.33 miles. The wreck was found more than 13 miles away from the Titanic's last reported position, which is the likely reason why the wreck hadn't been discovered previously by other explorers.

Titanic Wreck Location

Titanic Wreck Site Co-ordinates

The Titanic was split into several parts, the following co-ordinates are the locations of the main parts which include the stern, the bow and the boilers.

  • The Titanic's stern lays at: 41°43'35" N 49°56'54" W
  • The Titanic's boilers lay at: 41°43'32" N 49°56'49" W
  • The Titanic's bow lays at: 41°43'57" N 49°56'49" W

Titanic Wreck Photos

The following are various Titanic wreck pictures as well as artist impressions. Visit our photo gallery for more Titanic wreck pictures.

One of the most notable factors in the Titanic's discovery was that the ship was found in two parts, there had been conflicting stories previously of whether the ship broke apart before she sank or whether she was in one piece, like her sister ship, HMHS Britannic. The stern and the bow of Titanic are located some 600m apart on the ocean floor. Out of the two the stern is the most unrecognisable due to it's implosion caused by the massive pressures placed upon it during its decent to the ocean floor. The bow on the other hand is far more intact, probably owing to the fact that it was filled with water when it sunk, meaning there was equalised pressure on the inside and outside. The most far forward section of the bow is buried 60 feet into the ocean floor where the Titanic impacted at the end of her decent.

Items and artifacts from the Titanic are spread over a range of 2 miles or more, with thousands of items recovered including dinner plates, cups and furniture.

Titanic Wreck Videos

The following Titanic wreck videos are a collection of some of our favourite videos created of the wreck, including some of the most popular footage ever recovered.

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